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8AugWhat’s in a new name?

Posted on 8/08/2017 by Nine2Three

You may have heard on the grapevine that Nine2Three have changed their name slightly to 923|Recruitment & HR.

Along with this change is a change of logo, and the creation of a number of subdivisions within the business.

Why do businesses do this? No doubt it has high costs associated with employing designers, graphic artists, but are their deeper reasons that resonate with your staff and build your business  for future positioning.
In our case, we found that as time progressed people were failing to realise that while flexible workers is certainly one area we are well known for, it is only one of our divisions and we offer so much more.
Firstly comes the hero brand and main name; we needed  our name to reflect exactly what we do and leave our customers in no doubt about our speciality. Therefore 923|Recruitment & HR was the perfect choice.
Recessing the 923 numbers also denote that the flexibility niche, while still there is not the only focus. 
Working with the logo, we utilised a circle, to communicate the never ending cycle of HR management in any business and the shadow represents how your HR management impacts everything else in your organisation. It casts a shadow and we work with you to ensure this is a positive influence and not something that will impact you in a negative way.
We then developed 6 divisions that highlight the breadth of our expertise.
Each division has a tag line that conveys exactly what we do ...
923|Temps  - Temporary staff for whatever your business needs
923|Executive  - Specialist talent for management and executive roles
923|Flexi – A flexible workforce when you want it
923|Permanent  - Premium full-time staffing solutions
923|Candidates  - Assisting you to reach your career goals
923|HR – Trusted Australian HR & Industrial Relations experts
A new brand, including logo’s, new tag lines and a new structure not only informs and communicates to your target market, but crystallises the specifics of your unique selling proposition to your team and the wider business community.
Then we wrapped it all up in a great little film .... 

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