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24AugThe new role for Recruitment : Perhaps you donít even need to recruit?

Posted on 24/08/2017 by Nine2Three

The role of the recruitment consultant is changing.

Anyone can put an advert in Seek for a position, so what is the value add that a true Recruitment consultant offers to any business?

The key is the word ‘consultancy’. Our industry body the RCSA is called Recruitment Consulting Services Association just for this reason – it is not the Recruitment Services Association.  

The most basic hidden cost of you trying to do your own recruitment is in hours of down time.

How valuable are your own hours? Are you best suited to spend them trawling through hundreds of non suitable candidates? Do you have the time to telephone interview them each before you waste your time bringing them in to the office for face-to-face interviews? Are you going to have the time to respond to them all or just not respond and risk the damage to your brand from unhappy candidates?
Recruitment is a very time consuming activity.  
That is why it is so costly. While better technology makes initial screening easier, it still requires face-to-face interaction in order to ascertain all those human nuances that a software program can just not pick up. If you costed out your time from not using a recruiter to assist you, it would come as a shock how much you had actually spent on your own time. So by using a recruiter, you will actually save money and time. But this is only a very basic reason, let’s look more closely at a true consultant.
923|Recruitment & HR has combined skill and expertise in both recruitment and the  many finer aspects of HR. This means that we are able to consult with you to develop your staff models correctly.
Do you actually need to recruit? A true consultant, who has greater level expertise, will work with you to understand your workflows and the roles of each of your workers. It may be that we undertake some HR consultation before we get anywhere near to your recruitment needs.
Perhaps you are not identifying the talent in your workplace. People are missing out on opportunities and perhaps you are not aware of their greater capacity or interest in a new internal role. There are a myriad of situations that can reduce your need to even recruit. This is what a true consultant does for you.
If you are looking at restructuring, a true broad HR consultant will be able to minimise your legal risks by advising you the correct way to restructure your roles, how to work with your team to ensure success and how to ensure you are compliant with current legislation. This can save you time, money and heartache!
When working with any recruitment consultant, you should be able to cap costs based on consulting time, salary levels of recruited staff. You should know up front the range of costs you will be incurring.
If your role is more difficult, a true consultant should be able to source hard to find talent in places that you would never know. Working with passive candidates and encouraging them to perhaps leave secure jobs for the unknown is a highly time consuming project and takes much skill and knowledge. Not all recruitment jobs are easy or fill quickly, but a true consultant will source hard to find talent and keep at it till they are successful. Recruiting is not a quick game, you must be patient and put your trust in your consultant.
When a consultant works with an organisation in an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship over a longer period of time, they develop a strong understanding of the client, what their internal culture is, what type of workers do best in that environment and how the delicate interplay between management and workers is best addressed. This leads to an amazing relationship where your recruitment consultant is just like an extension to your own business and can bring to the table ideas, solutions and suggestions that are invaluable.
Consultants bring wider industry experience, assessment tools and long-term knowledge that when matched with an intimate understanding or your business create an inescapable partnership that will see your business grow and develop.
Our divisions of  923|Executive and 923|Permanent deal with permanent full-time roles at the upper end of the spectrum and we can deliver a truly consultative experience to your business with our combination of knowledge in the recruitment field and of course 923|HR.
Important Note: These articles have been prepared for general circulation and are circulated for general informational purposes only; these articles should not be regarded as business or investment advice. The articles represent the views of the writers and are subject to change without notice. Additionally, while every care has been taken in the preparation of the articles no representation or warranty as to accuracy or completeness of any statement is given. An individual or organisation should, before any business or investment decision is made, consider the appropriateness of the information in this document, and seek professional advice, having regard to objectives, situation and needs. This document is solely for the use of the party to whom it is provided.

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