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10MarHow a Career Coach Can Help You

Posted on 10/03/2018 by Nine2Three



Using a career coach may not immediately spring to mind when you are looking for a new job or want to revitalise your career. To those that haven’t experienced the benefits of being coached, it may seem a luxury because you have always muddled through by yourself.

 But why wouldn’t you use the skills of someone who has inside knowledge of the jobs search process, the recruitment industry and can help you unlock your career potential? The right approach can help you achieve your career goals faster.
Career coaching with a practitioner of coaching psychology experienced in recruitment and human resources is available at 923|Recruitment & HR. Coaching psychology as a discipline draws from a number of fields. It is grounded in empirical, evidenced-based psychological theories, positive psychology, sports psychology, performance improvement and human resource management. There are an amazing number of research papers & case studies that have shown the value of coaching and the validity of using coaching in a number of arenas to bring about solution-focused positive change.
In particular, if your career is just starting out or is at some key transitional point, you may hire a career coach. Or you may be dealing with work stress. Or is there an area that needs development, so that you are not overlooked for promotion, again.
Coaching is a proven method to help you bring out your greater potential. You may be OK in many areas of your life, but there is this one thing that has you stumped, again and again. Being coached can reveal insights that will help you break through those barriers. The focus is on solutions, not wallowing in the whats and whys of the past. The cost of not actively dealing with a niggling issue can be enormous because it diverts your energy from other aspects of your life.
However, coaching does not give you absolute answers. It can assist you in identifying your options, sifting through them, and steering you towards figuring out what you really want. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions and taking action still rests with you.
More and more people are experiencing the benefits of coaching. Working on your goals brings forth a satisfaction, a sense of achievement, and often, successful outcomes. Imagine how you’d feel to finally achieve a long sought-after goal!
With a coach by your side, your chances of success are vastly improved. You are less likely to give up as your coach will help you to stay accountable. Your coach will give you the support you need as you switch to new behaviours and habits.
Success will also come quicker. Having a coach will help you avoid some of the time-wasting mistakes others before you have made. Not only will you have someone to point you in the right direction, but a coach will keep you on track.
A coach can help you to see a situation in a different light, to reframe your options and beliefs. You can find that you perceive something new about your problem that you hadn’t thought of previously. This can prove to be invaluable in the long run.

So, if you have a persistent irritation, consider hiring a coach to help you do away with it once and for all!

Maria Cordi, Career Coach at 923| Recruitment & HR  is available to help you figure out what to do with your particular niggling career issue. Call Maria on 1300 923 000 to find out more about career coaching or email the office at

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