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Need Flexible Hours?

As our name implies Nine2Three are specialists in negotiation with businesses to offer flexible hours for persons who share their work life with caring for a family.

When employers are looking for staff, they want to be able to dip into the biggest pool of workplace talent available…..
But there is less talent available now, in the traditional employment pool.

Society is changing and so too is the talent pool:

  • Stability in immigration means less new workers are entering the country.
  • Falling birth rates and an aging population leads to a scarcity of traditional workers.
  • There is a lot of talk now about the SKILLS SHORTAGE.

This all means that a new kind of worker will be the way of the future.
Employers will start looking at older workers and workers with family responsibilities.

The number of women participating in the work force continues to increase and women account for the majority of casual and part time workers.

Ten years ago 73% of all part time employees were women and the trend is increasing.

Nine2Three Employment Solutions discovered a huge demand in the market place for mature, responsible workers who could offer their employers flexibility and gain that flexibility in return.

Many small businesses would like a bookkeeper, once a week, once a fortnight, once a month. We can supply that and with flexible hours.

Accounts roles lend themselves to flexible hours very easily and Nine2Three Employment Solutions has had some wonderful successes working with businesses to find the perfect person, by arranging their working hours in a more flexible structure.

Part time accounts personnel or job sharing receptionists, - it is the way of the future.

For further information give Nine2Three a call on 1300 923 000.

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