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Functional Flexibility at Work for Small Business

If you are looking to create a family friendly workplace, or implement flexible workplace practises, this is the business resource to assist you.


Fifty pages of information

With fifty pages of information in an easy to read format, this booklet gives ten solid, proven and practical flexible workplace ideas, backed up with experience and knowledge.
This booklet will assist you to decide what forms of family friendly initiatives you can instigate at your workplace.

Ten solid and proven ideas

Read how to implement and sustain:
  • Part-time hours;
  • Teleworking;
  • Job-share;
  • Flexitime;
  • Communication strategies;
  • Exchange Servers;
  • Flexible Workplace policies;
  • Family friendly workplace;
  • Employee Collective Agreement;
  • Training for part-time and flexible staff.
Each workplace idea comes with a description of
  • how it works;
  • how to set it up;
  • items to address;
  • positive results from implementation.
Checklists are included to assist you to prepare and implement your flexible workplace practises.

Advice on suitable technology to implement

When introducing flexibility into the workplace, the efficient use of technology can be a vital component of your success.
The text contains information regarding suitable IT infrastructure for family friendly arrangements in small business written by one of Sydney's premier IT companies.


Small Business Perspective

Written from a small business perspective, this resource looks at the future trends of the Australian workplace as well as examining the needs of a sustainable business management plan to take your business successfully into the future.
Using Functional Flexibility at Work for Small Business  you will gain a solid understanding of the needs of your employees and your business.
No need for consultants charging thousands of dollars -  do it yourself with 'Functional Flexibility at Work for Small Business'

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