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Part-time Staff Recruitment

Nine2Three specialises in Part-time Staff Recruitment

Over the next decade businesses will need to look at alternative employee pools and offer flexibility to attract and retain new staff.

Part-time employment has become an important and growing component of the labour market and requires specialists to ensure that the right mix of staff is recruited for each business.

Recruiting part-time staff needs specialist expertise:

  • Part-time employees have the same qualifications and references as their full-time counterparts that need to be researched and tested.
  • Part-time employees need to be assessed for their future needs—will they stay with your business long term?
  • Part-time employees need to have superior time management skills.
  • Does your role suit a part-time employee? How many days / hours are needed to make the job work?

Use the company that is dedicated to this field and has the experience to back it up!

Nine2three has the experience and expertise in this area. Since the company’s inception in 2003, Nine2Three has been nationally recognised for its ground breaking work in the areas of work/life balance and flexible work roles.

Let us assist you with the specialist needs of recruiting a part-time workforce.

  • Matching personalities to work together in job sharing
  • Mentoring your flexible staff to ensure sustainability
  • Assisting with staged retirement
  • Introducing extra part-time staff to compliment your existing staff
  • Human Resource management of workforce

Businesses are starting to increase the employment of part-time workers to enable a quick response to changes in demand for products & services.

Nine2Three has recruited more than 600 part-time employees for placement into many companies throughout NSW.

Let the experts assist your business to grow and move into the future with strength.


With Nine2Three, your part time recruitment and temporary staffing needs will be met quickly and cost efficiently.

Read our article on the Robust growth of part-time employment in Australia 

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