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17MarHow to Perform Well at a Job Interview

Posted on 17/03/2018 by Nine2Three

Do you need help with job interviews?

You may be searching for your first “real” job, or you have actually never had to do interviews because you got your role through a friend and then you were promoted at work from one job to the next. 
Or perhaps it has been a really long time since you have been interviewed and the goal posts have changed. Now all of a sudden you find yourself unsure of what exactly is expected and how you can make the most of your opportunities.
Among many things, you will need to master:
How to sell yourself
Answer interview questions
Deal with different types of interviews
Learn what to avoid in interview situations. 
Understanding the interview process and how to perform your best is an art, one that can be honed and improved with the right advice. Don’t keep making the same mistakes again and again.
923|Recruitment & HR can help with all the knowledge you need to know about performing your best. Your preparation will also help you to get into the right mindset so that you feel confident and ready for your next interview.
There are a few options available through 923|Recruitment & HR to help you prepare for interviews:
1:1 interview coaching with Maria Cordi, our Career Coach. This would be specifically tailored to your situation, and of course when you have the coach all to yourself, you have their undivided attention.
We also have a segment on interview preparation in our “Recreate your Career” workshop. This is a cost effective alternative and the next workshop is scheduled for Monday 9 April at 9.00am. Places are limited to 4-5 participants. 
Call the office on 1300 923 000 to book a place on the workshop or to talk to Maria about interview coaching for your next big interview! Email us at

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